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Play Teen Patti Online & Win Real Money

Are you looking for where to play Online Teen Patti?  Or are a newbie to the world of casino games and want to know more about this game? Whatever the answer, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our mission on the blog is to help you take your first steps into this world. That’s why today we’re bringing you a free and comprehensive guide to Teen Patti online. 

We’ll explain why this game is so popular in India, and how to play Teen Patti for real cash. We will also answer all the questions that new players often have. 

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How To Play Teen Patti Online For Real Money?

It doesn’t matter whether you want to play Teen Patti for money or not. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play it:

Step 1: Choose one of the best Teen Patti casinos

Pick the one that suits you best from our list. Although they all adapt very well to any device, there are mobile Teen Patti versions with apps, and dedicated Teen Patti casinos.

Step 2: Select game mode

If playing the free version of the game, complete the required task to get the chips and move on to step 3.

But if you choose to play for real money, make the deposit and make sure you already have funds in your balance before proceeding.

Step 3: Pick a Teen Patti title and enter the table

There are many versions of Online 3 Patti, click on the one you like and enter the table. Wait for the table to fill up and then the game will start. 

If it’s live, the dealer will draw the cards in a counter-clockwise direction. He will split one card per round. And there are three rounds to be dealt.

Step 4: It’s time to play and win at Teen Patti online!

In the first round, you must flip the card. Look and check whether you should raise, hold or fold. 

In the second and third card dealing rounds you must do the same: flip the card over and check whether to raise, hold or fold.

At the end of the three deals, the cards are revealed. Whoever has the highest hand wins the game.

Basic 3 Patti Rules

There are a few Teen Patti online rules you should know before you venture into the game:

  • As the stakes increase, players can decide whether to call, raise further, or fold. 
  • If you fold before the final round, you automatically lose your bet.
  • Play continues as long as there is at least one active player at the table. 
  • You can pay for other players to reveal their hands before the final round. In this case, the game ends earlier, and whoever has the best hand wins.
  • The game is always played with a deck of 52 cards.
Teen Patti Online

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Teen Patti Game In India

Teen Patti, also known as Indian poker, is one of the country’s most traditional games. Gambling in India has been around for over 4,000 years, and it is believed that this is the reason why it was so easily introduced and adopted into the culture. 

Its origin is uncertain. But many historians associate the beginnings of the game with the settlement of Europeans for trade. 

The Europeans brought with them merchandise and also their gambling culture. Gambling games were already widely accepted in Indian culture. So, card games were quickly accepted and adopted as their own.

And that is where Teen Patti was born, as a simplified version of poker using three-card hands. Then, during the time of the British Raj, Teen Patti evolved into what it is today.

Religious And Family Importance

But it is not only the gambling culture that made this game so popular. On religious festivals, sharing and socialising with family and loved ones is important. And that’s where Teen Patti online also plays a crucial role.  Why is that? Because it is said that Parvati, the mother goddess, played dice with her husband. So, legend has it that anyone who gambles on Diwali night will have fortune and prosperity in the years to come.  So, the reasons can be summed up in three main reasons:
  • It allows for comfortable and relaxed sharing and socialising. 
  • It brings prosperity and wealth following popular beliefs.
  • It is a deep-rooted part of Indian culture.

Useful 3 Patti Strategies

Although there is no fully defined strategy for online 3 Patti, you can use poker strategies. 

The tips that our experts recommend are:

  • Build up your hand by choosing A, K, Q, J, 6 or 4. Because they are the most likely to help you make a winning hand. 
  • Bet small in each game. This way you can bet more times and increase your chances of winning. 
  • Play the blinds if you are an expert. Increase your experience and the amount you can win. 
  • Practice in the free game before you invest. 
  • Fibonacci or d’Alembert strategies can help you define when to raise or fold.

Different Variants Of Real money Teen Patti

The best Teen Patti casinos offer multiple 3 Patti versions to suit all types of players. Although there are many, here are a few of the most popular ones with their most outstanding features:


This one enters the top three list of the best Teen Patti in India. It allows all thrill-seeking players to have most fun. 

Two games are placed on the table. And in each game, two cards are face down and one face up. The face up cards are jokers for all players – this is where the excitement comes in. 

With the joker that each player has, you can bet to reveal your cards or you can bid to trade. 

Once all bidding is complete, Online Teen Patti is played as normal. Would you like to try this version? Then choose a casino from our list and enjoy this game.

Bust Card Draw 

It is a game recommended for experts. The three cards are dealt. Then, the croupier draws a fourth card. The value of this card is removed from the deck. 

So, if you have one of the same values, you lose the game by default.


It is one of the most popular Teen Patti games played today. In this variation, the winner is the one closest to 999.

Although the rules are similar, it resembles Blackjack. Because the face-down cards are worth zero. And the idea is to get close to 999 without going over. If you go over, you lose. 

The value of each card is usually displayed on a table next to or on top of the game so that you can add up your points.


Its name is reminiscent of the Russian rifle. Indeed, it was named in honour of it. The interesting thing about this variation of Online Teen Patti is that all A’s, K’s, 4’s and 7’s are jokers. 

No matter the suit, that’s 16 jokers in a 52-card deck. So, the odds of winning are increased.

Best of all, the rules are the same as traditional Teen Patti.


Ideal for playing with friends. A single card is played blind. Bets are placed, the card is dealt & each player tries to guess which card they has.


This version is for new Teen Patti players. The games are fast and you play with blind cards. The rules are the same as regular 3 Patti. 


Also known as Pack Jack. Each player receives three cards. And when someone folds, their cards become new jokers.

Kaana King 

Kings and jacks are wild cards in this version. The rest of the rules are followed in the traditional way in online Teen Patti.

Various Teen Patti Side Bets

There are six types of bets in traditional online 3 Patti, but here are the most common ones:

  • Player A: In this one, the player with an Ace in his hand wins. You get 0.98 of your stakes if you pick the winning hand in this bet.
  • Player B: This type of bet combines the selection of the winning hand and the combination of a pair of cards from the hand. 
  • 6-card bonus: Bets on the combination of player A and B’s cards. The best part is that you can win up to 1,000 times your stake if you hit a royal flush.
  • Tie: Bets that both players will get the same cards.

Teen Patti cards

You should know that Teen Patti the deck is French. The decks are the standard 52-card packs. 

As usual, the cards in order, from highest to lowest, are: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

The suits are diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades. 

Also, keep in mind that card values are important in any version of 3 Patti.

Teen Patti cards

Sequences In Online Teen Patti

You already know how to play, but to understand how to win you have to master Teen Patti’s hands. And we will explain them to you in a sequence list of Online 3 Patti rules :

pure sequenece

Pure sequence

This sequence is when you get a straight of the same suit. The advantage is that the suit has no value. So, it doesn’t matter if it is a straight of hearts or diamonds.The combination A, K, Q is the highest. While 2, 3, 4, is the worst straight you could form.



It’s like the previous one with a slight difference: it does not matter if the cards in the flush have different suits. In this sense, it could be a competitive plus. But you should consider that a pure sequence is of more value than a simple sequence.



Even if you don’t get all three cards in sequence you can still win with a pair. You must have two cards of the equal value. But that’s not all you have to consider. Two Aces are the highest pair combination you could get. While two “twos” is the lowest value pair.

Trial or set

Trial or set

This is one of the best hands in Teen Patti. It’s when you get three of a kind. This hand is also considered a three of a kind and is the top sequence in Teen Patti.



This hand is when you have all three cards of the same suit. There is no different value for each one, so the focus is on creating a winning sequence.

High Card​

High Card

When you play Teen Patti Online, sequences are not the only options for winning. And this is such an option. By getting the highest card in your hand, in the round, you can win the game.

Online 3 Patti Real Money Paytm Cash

When playing for real money, you need to look for casinos that accept payment methods convenient for you. Luckily, Teen Patti Paytm cash is the most common and accepted option at online casinos. 

Want to know how to use this e-wallet? We’ll explain it here! Follow tips number 1 if it’s your first deposit at Paytm. Tip number two is for when you already have a balance and want to sign up to play Teen Patti.

Tip number 1: How to deposit cash at Paytm?

  1. Find your closest Paytm Ka ATM point. Use the app’s feature to display a map based on your current position. Or go to Google Maps and type “Paytm” and Google will guide you to the closest ATM.
  2. Get to the place with your cash. 
  3. Put the cash into the “box” at the centre bottom of the ATM, right underneath the keypad.
  4. You’re done. Now you have a credit balance on your account. Proceed to the next steps.

Tip number 2: Use your balance in the casino

  1. Pick a Teen Patti casino from the list. Try to select one that have Paytm cash as an option.
  2. Fill in the requested data with real information. Remember that you are creating your account
  3. When they ask for deposit information, select Paytm Cash. Add Paytm Virtual Payment Address (VPA). Select the amount to deposit. Confirm the deposit.
  4. That’s it! You now have credit in your casino balance to play 3 Patti for real money

Other Alternative Payment Options For Playing Real Money Teen Patti

Don’t have or don’t want to use Paytm to play 3 Patti? Don’t worry! The advantage of Teen Patti online casinos is the ability to use multiple payment methods and choose the one that is most convenient for you. Here are the top five most popular and widely used options:



Also known as Google Payments. It is a mobile device application that works as an intermediary between the commerce and your bank account. It doesn’t work like an e-wallet by not storing your money. And this is exactly the advantage that makes it so attractive. You can deposit and receive money from the casino by connecting your bank account. All without entering your financial details directly.


Bank cards

This is the most popular method of payment worldwide at international online casinos. All you have to do is have a Visa or MasterCard under your name to use it at the casino that you prefer. It is a secure transaction and although most of them are only used for deposits, it is a valuable option as the balance is credited instantly.



It is an excellent option if you also want to protect your money. Many casinos are starting to accept this payment method as a standard due to its speed, security, privacy and convenience. The most accepted cryptocurrencies are: bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum and XPR.



It is quite famous e-wallet in online casinos. Neteller allows you to make deposits and withdrawals fast and easy. Best of all, you can connect it to your bank account to transfer money, or request a Neteller card linked to your account to use the money directly.



This is another e-wallet that also lets you to make deposits and withdrawals in a quick and efficient way. Skrill, also known as “Moneybrokers“, has an advantage over other wallets: it is free of fees between transactions.

Enjoy Teen Patti Live

When you play Teen Patti for money, the best way to do it is live! You’ll feel the thrill, win bigger prizes and interact with other players.

By playing Teen Patti live, you don’t just play, you live an experience. Talking to a beautiful croupier… Enjoying the atmosphere… Betting against the house and other players…  And the best part is that you don’t need to set foot in a land-based casino to feel all of this.

Looking for a good place to play? We know the right one!Use our top, and you will find the best and safest Teen Patti live casinos.

Live Teen Patti

Best 3 Patti Real Money Apps

The only thing it takes to play Teen Patti for real money in your smartphone is a 4G Internet access.

You can play Teen Patti on your device either from your <b>mobile’s web browser</b> or download the casino’s app.

The app will appear on your phone’s home screen, and once you’ve signed in from there (by using your usual account, no need to create a new one), you’ll be all set to play and earn in some real money!

Most established casino sites offer an app, a seamless way to explore Teen Patti online.

All casino apps are accessible to you, no matter whether you have an <b>Android</b> or <b>iOS</b> mobile device.

You’d find the app download link on the casino’s website- But you’ll need to visit the website first to start the app download.

Once downloaded and installed, all you’ll need is the app to play.

Teen Patti Bonuses And Promotions

Playing Teen Patti online at the casino mentioned in this topic has only benefits for you. Besides the fun and the chance to win money, players can also get bonuses & promotions. By registering at a 3 Patti casino, the following can be claimed:

Welcome bonus

The Welcome bonus is given when you make a deposit of the set smallest amount. Multiply your money by a pre-set percentage and you have a maximum time to spend the bonus. The plus side is that you will have more money to play with and increase your chances of winning lots and lots of money. 

Loyalty Club

This is a programme that many casinos offer as a reward to their most active and loyal players. To join, all you need to do is play regularly. As a member, players accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for benefits to play with. 

Among the most popular benefits are free spins, free bonuses, win multipliers and free rolls.

Teen Patti For Real Money Vs Free

Although the gameplay is the same, the free Teen Patti games are different from the real money games. Below is a comparison table with the main differences:

Free Teen Patti

  1. Teen Patti free are usually a trial version for a limited time. 
  2. Free versions give you room for experimentation and familiarisation with the game and its rules. All without investing money.
  3. You can get rewards free of charge. These can be free spins, bonuses and special prizes.
  4. To get chips to play, you must complete certain tasks set by the site. In some cases, these tasks are complicated and almost impossible to achieve. While in others, they are super simple.Some of the tasks consist of sharing an affiliate link and when a certain number of people sign up using it, you will receive the chips. Others are simpler: 
    • Watching an ad video.
    • Following their social networks.
    • Sharing pre-designed posts on social media.
    • And completing short surveys.

Teen Patti For Real Money

  1. You can play and win real money for as long as you want.
  2. You can interact with players from all over the world and with a real dealer while you play.
  3. You can get rewards free of charge. These can be free spins, bonuses and special prizes.
  4. You live an immersive experience from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

You don’t need to watch ads, complete surveys or recommend the site to a certain number of people to play. Place a direct deposit via the banking method of your preference. It’s worth noting that the best Teen Patti online sites offer a wide range of banking options.

Play Teen Patti With Your Friends - Invite Them Now!

Teen Patti is a game born as part of the cultural exchange. And this social reason is immersed in all its versions. So, if it’s for enjoyment and socialising, why not do it with family and friends? 

The best thing is that many Teen Patti casinos and apps offer you prizes if you bring your friends to play on their site. 

How to do it? It’s super simple.  using real details, log in to your account to send your referral link to your friends ¡Do it now! Get rewards and upgrades for each referral.

Let them register via the link and that’s it! It’s as simple as that. 

And when they make their first deposit, both of you will receive an attractive reward that varies from casino to casino. It can be free chips to play at Teen Patti, free spins and even casino bonuses.

Teen Patti Game Providers

One of the main features you have to evaluate when looking for a 3 Patti game is the software provider that develops it. Why is this important? Because not only does it guarantee you a fair and quality game, but it also offers a variety of versions.

Next, we’ll let the most recognized in the field:


One Touch

This is the number one mobile iGaming studio when 3 Patti games are related. This house launched Teen Patti in 2019, offering a RTP of 99.32%. Besides, its animation and atmosphere is so immersive and attractive, that without any doubt, is an excellent choice for mobile and desktop games.

Evo play

Evo play

It is an iGaming studio that has gained popularity for offering classic board games. In the case of 3 Patti, it offers an RTP of 97.5%. The game is available in English, Chinese and Russian. It is a good choice if you are looking for traditional Teen Patti online. It is not a live version though.



It Is a company that offers live gaming software. In the case of 3 Patti, it is considered to be the best to look for. Their rooms are nicely decorated and the dealer is always friendly.

Super Spade

Super Spade

It also offers a live version of Teen Patti. But it has features that earn it a place on the list. It offers tutorials to learn how to play, has attractive pay-outs, and offers pair plus bonus bets.


Is it legal to play Teen Patti in India?

It depends on the region where you live. While in some provinces it is legal, in others it is not. Yet, there are no laws restricting you from playing this game at international online casinos.

Can I play Teen Patti on my phone?

Yes, this game has evolved over time and adapts to both web and mobile. In fact, there are Teen Patti casino apps online for a better experience.

Can I play the game of 3 Patti for real money?

Of course, you can. In fact, this is one of the most popular games in Indian casinos.

Can I play real money Teen Patti games in Hindi?

Absolutely. Many online casinos offer a Hindi version of their site to make it more user-friendly for you to play.

Do I need to download Teen Patti on my device to play?

On some sites, yes. Most casinos, the game is free to play without downloading anything.

Does the casino listed in this article accept Paytm to play Teen Patti?

Most of them do. But remember that this may vary at the time of registration. So, the best thing to do is to register and check for yourself.


Now that you know all about Online Teen Patti, you just have to get down to work and start playing. 

Remember that the purpose of our blog is informative. We have no association with any casino or website. Furthermore, we are not liable for your decisions, actions or money invested. 

We try to keep the information up to date and accurate. But it is up to you to decide where, how, when and how much to invest. 

If you are new, our best advice is to play Teen Patti Online for free. That way you get familiar with the rules and the game, and after getting to know it, invest and start earning real money.