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How To Win In Teen Patti?

You’ve probably come here because you don’t know how to win in Teen Patti and you’re tired of trying everything without success. 

The good news is that you’ll find everything you need here. From basic strategies to start without making beginner’s mistakes. To, how to bounce back even if you hit a rough patch.

We want to clarify a couple of things. First, we take no responsibility for your actions. And second, these tips will help you, but they aren’t guarantee of success. As with any game of chance, the luck factor has to be on your side. 

  • Learn the basic strategies before you proceed to play Teen Patti online.
  • Get one’s hand on the important tips that maximize your chances of success.
  • Understand the teen Patti game well, and try your luck!

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Strategies To Win In Teen Patti

Here are the strategies we have collected from experts and professionals. These, more than mere strategies, are tips and hints to help you take your first steps and increase your chances of winning at Teen Patti:

How to Win at Teen Patti: 10 Tips

Guide on how to Win in Teen Patti

1) Know the game inside out

First and foremost. You have to know the whole game before you start playing and winning real money, right?

3 Patti is a game like poker, and whether it’s online or physical, you win depending on the hand you have. 

In Teen Patti, you play with 3 cards, and they must be in a particular sequence to win.

Teen Patti sequences to get a winning hand


Three of a kind

This is the best hand you can get. It is three cards of the same value. Although you must consider that the value has its weight. Aces are the highest three of a kind, while three twos are the lowest value of a three of a kind.

High Card​

Pure sequence

This is when you get a straight of the same suit. As with the three of a kind, the value of the cards in the flush affects the outcome. It is not the suit that matters, but the value of each card.


Sequence (Run)

If you got a straight but it's not the same suit, you could still win. It has less value than a pure sequence, but it's still a good option.



If your three cards are of the same suit, but do not form a straight, you can bet on the flush of the hand to try to win.



With two cards of the same suit and value you can win a hand. Keep in mind, of course, that the value of the pair has an influence.

High Card​


If you have an ace, king, queen or joker in your hand, you can still win. If the others didn't make a combination, any one of these cards defines the winner of the round.

Besides the sequence, you should know the different types and rules of Teen Patti games that exist in the online casino market.

2) Start small

If you understand the sequences in Teen Patti, the rules and all the game theory, then you’ll be ready to get into the action. So, start with small stakes. 

We know that after winning the first game you’ll want to boost your profits and place big bets, but this is not ideal.

Start with low amounts, if possible, the smallest ones to enter the table. Stay in that range for a while. And you’ll be able to identify patterns and also mitigate any losses you make as you get familiar with the game. 

If you are playing Teen Patti live, betting low stakes gives you the comfort to focus on observing the other players’ body language. That way you can guess how good or bad their hand is and decide to risk your hand or not.

3) Play blind

Can playing blind without knowing the cards really help me win? Of course, it can! It allows you to focus on the game, the other players and the dealer. 

Once you have analyzed all the factors and the players, you can look at your cards and decide whether to continue to the next round, double up or fold. 

Besides, it makes sense to apply this strategy at any time, but especially when you are betting small sums.

4) No cards are bad cards

If you are new to the game, you may think that when you get a hand of low value cards you should walk away from the table, but that is far from the reality!

The truth is that 3 Patti Online is a game of strategy mixed with a little bit of luck. A deuce, for example, can help you to form a straight, a sequence, a pure sequence or a pair. 

This means that no card is actually bad. And here’s where the winning strategy comes into play. When you’re looking for how to win in Teen Patti online, you might find a thousand formulas.

But the truth is that it’s all about the combination of cards in your hand. Along with your luck in figuring out the other players. 

Don’t focus on one type of sequence, or one card. But on the real possibilities you have to create something that works for you.

5) Practice is the key

Being an expert in something is not a skill you are born with. It takes a lot of practice, perseverance and discipline to learn and master it to perfection. This is a concept that applies to many aspects of life, including learning to play Teen Patti.

In the beginning you will face other competitors with nothing more than your ingenuity and desire to win. But as you play:

  • You’ll understand the patterns better.
  • You’ll have more confidence in your instincts when playing.
  • And your chances of winning will improve considerably. 

And this is another reason why we recommend starting small. You will have more opportunities to play and practice with the same investment. 

Moreover, we also recommend that you play for free. You can combine the times you play Teen Patti for free with the times you play for real money. Practice is the key to success and only with time will you get the hang of it.

6) Capitalize on bonuses

The best Teen Patti casinos often offer bonuses to encourage you to play. These bonuses are free money that increase your bankroll, so it’s always good to take advantage of them.

Just keep in mind that they are always under terms and conditions. You should read them to know whether they are favourable or not. In most cases, you must complete a rollover within a certain amount of time to be able to withdraw the profits you get from using the bonus. 

This, if your main goal is to make money, could be a hindrance. But if you’re also looking to get better at playing Teen Patti online, then it’s an unmissable option.

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7) Ask for Sideshow

The secondary sideshow option is very useful in Teen Patti, in particular if you have seen your cards. Sideshow allows you to request to view and compare the cards of the last player who made a bet with the cards you have seen. 

The person with the weaker hand has to draw. A player can reject a sideshow request only three times, and then will be forced to accept. Sideshow has its risks, so use it only when you are sure of your hand.

8) Keep your emotions under control

As in poker, keeping all your emotions under control is key to having a chance of winning. 

It’s normal to get frustrated when you lose, or jump for joy when you think you have a good hand. But if you let your emotions get the better of you and don’t think things through, you could lose, even if you have everything in your favour.

Be rational and you will be able to see with clarity every pattern and detail that gives you the clues you need to win.

9) Play bluff with weak cards

This is a poker strategy also applied to 3 Patti. Bluffing means faking a move and your face against your real motives, luring your opponents into acting in the desired manner.

Trying to win by bluffing requires that you must not play every hand. And you should always reserve your bluff for the times when you have the best chance of winning.

This is perhaps an advanced strategy in this guide. But it will ensure better discovery of patterns and potentially discard those with regular hands by default.

10) Try and play for free

What does a tip on how to win online Teen Patti have to do with playing for free? That you can practice as many times as you want without risking your capital.

As we’ve told you, the best way to become an expert is through practice. And to know the game perfectly and master the art of guessing your opponent’s cards, there is no better way than playing to exhaustion. And for that, you don’t have to invest all your capital, but play for free.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Teen Patti, or are taking it up again after a break. Try some free games and have a good time. 

The best thing about playing Teen Patti for free is that you can try out the different versions of the game.

Believe us, you will become an expert in a short time. You’ll learn the terms, the rules, when to bet, fold or call.

And best of all, you will do it from practice and not theory. This will guarantee you a complete understanding of the game.


Can I play Teen Patti in Hindi?

Yes! Casinos like Fun88 allow you to enjoy the game in your native language. Click it here to discover the games that Fun88 have!

Can I bet on Teen Patti with rupees?

Yes, you can. Most casinos operating in India accept rupees. Even international casinos accept this currency.

Can I hack Teen Patti to win?

No. At least it's not something you can do at the best Teen Patti casinos. Why? The gaming software provider usually does regular check-ups to make sure the game is fair to all sides.

What do I do if I only get bad hands from the dealer?

There is no way the game is fixed. But if you feel you are unlucky with that dealer, you can switch tables to try another dealer.

Is there a way to win 100% of the time at Teen Patti?

No. There is no magic formula or trick to help you get a 100% winning streak.

Can I play Teen Patti for free?

Yes! And that's what our experts recommend to do before you invest any money.

Can I win money playing Teen Patti?

Yes! With the right gaming strategy and luck on your side, you can multiply your bankroll.


With all the strategies on how to win in Teen Patti under your belt, it’s time to start applying them. 

And if you don’t have an account yet, check out our casino list & select a casino Sign up and you can enjoy this and many other games, as well as sports betting on all the major sports in the country. 

And if you found this article useful or if you think it could be helpful to someone else, please feel free to share it. This will help us to continue our mission and is a free action for you.

Finally, we want to make it clear that you are responsible for your actions and money invested. This article is informative and only functions as a guide with tips that you decide whether to take or not.