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Skrill casinos online in India 2021- Ultimate guide

In India it can be a bit competitive to enter an online casino in front of so many other players. After all, most people’s goal is to find out what will be the best opportunities to gamble and win.

To do this, what do you need? Think about it! It’s all about a payment method that speeds up transactions in record time to do so. And that’s why we’re going to talk about the best Skrill casinos in India.

If you don’t know what this payment system is all about, we’ll explain it all here. From how to use it, what makes it so safe and secure compared to other methods used in online casinos in India to how to take your first steps.

Plus, we’ll give you those tips you need to know to choose from this year’s best casinos with exclusive Teen Patti games and how to opt for the best promotions.

Skrill casinos online in India

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How to use Skrill and how does it work?

Skrill casino sites are an ideal experience for Indian players. Since, they will facilitate financial transactions in a quite efficient way and avoid those long waiting times compared to traditional methods.

First, what is Skrill?

The Skrill option is an electronic payment and withdrawal system that allows transactions from their website, mobile application or by using your physical or virtual card provided by them. 

This payment system only requires you to create a valid account, and the only requirement is that you are of legal age.  

Skrill was created as a banking option that facilitates your day to day life, and being reason enough for you to play and bet in casinos without wasting time waiting for transactions to be made.

How to use it?

Starting to use Skrill casino sites as new places to play and forget about using complicated methods is as easy to use as counting 1, 2, 3! Really, the only two requirements you need to take into account to be able to use this payment platform are:

  1. An online casino that uses Skrill.
  2. An internet connection.

We’re pretty sure you already have them! But if you still have to choose the right place, we invite you to choose one of the Teen Patti options we have on this blog.

Of course, we’ll guide you through the entire process so you can start gambling today. Whether you want to play at traditional online casinos with popular games or feel the thrill of playing at Skrill’s live casinos in front of dealers and other players. 

But not before mentioning the characteristics of this payment system and the aspects you should consider.

Payment limits, fees and timeframes for Skrill India

If what you have seen so far makes you feel that it is a good idea to give this online banking option  a chance, then you should take a look at these important aspects! To make a winning decision for a player like you.

First, keep in mind that when using this payment system there are two versions depending on your “level” of Skrill user. 

That is, there is a fee that applies for those with limited accounts. And another fee that is approximately 50% less than the previous one.

Skrill payment limits in India

As mentioned, this limit depends on the status of your account. This means that it could vary between receiving or sending payments from 10077.96 rupees to 1866288.75 rupees approximately.

When using Skrill’s affiliated MasterCard, the limit for Skrill payments via Skrill is Rs. 522560.85.

Commissions applied for transactions

A very notable feature of casinos with Skrill deposits is their commissions. These can range from 1% applied to the amount up to almost 5%. 

This will depend on the destination of your transactions. Being the lowest if it is to a user of the same platform and the highest if it requires a currency conversion.

Finally, Skrill, unlike other e-wallets such as PayPal, for example. It is very efficient in terms of the time it takes to make a transaction effective, being from 24 hours to 3 days or instantaneous if it is already a frequent transaction.

Terms and maintenance

Account maintenance may be one of the few things that users of this payment system like the least. It is only Rs. 432.39 and is generated only when the account has not been used for six months.

Steps to set up an Skrill account

Once you have quickly and accurately learned about the aspects of this e-wallet, it is time to sign up for an account.

Step 1: registering at Skrill

  • Go to their official website.
  • Click on the “Register” button. 
  • Fill in the form that appears in front of you and enter your basic details such as; first name, last name, gender, email address and date of birth.

Step 2: verifying your identity

  • Enter your email address.
  • Open the validation link that was sent to you from Skrill. At this point your account is limited. 
  • Log in to your Skrill account and fill in your detailed information. 
  •  Upload your photo where your face is clearly visible.
  • Scan and upload your ID.

Step 3: fund your e-wallet

If you have already completed the registration and verification phase, there is only one step left to do. This is to send funds for the first time. 

You have two ways to do this:

  • Send funds via local payment methods such as UPI or Net Banking.
  • Using international methods such as Card JBC, MasterCard, Visa and Diners Club International.

Fees for depositing with the Skrill option is only 2.5% of the amount. You are now ready to play Teen Patti casino games and win real money

Is this verification important?

If you are at a casino that accepts Skrill, it is very important! Doing so increases the limit on the amount you can pay out or withdraw from it.

Best Skrill casinos in India: how to identify them?

Knowing all that Skrill has to offer to make your online gambling experience fun and not at all cumbersome, you need the most important thing.

Having the list of betting sites or knowing how to spot the best Skrill casinos in India. To make your experience much more enjoyable, we will give you what are the aspects that highlight a compliant Skrill casino site from an unreliable one.

Aspects of a reputable skrill casino in India

Licensing and security

This is perhaps the aspect that you have to take into account. With it you will be able to verify in a reliable way that the platform on which you decided to play is allowed to offer online gambling services. And of course, you can only play teen Patti online if it is a site with a valid license.

Who grants these licenses? Authorities and/or agencies that regulate and approve the platform to offer online gambling.

Catalogue of games and suppliers

When you enter any of the Skrill online casinos you will be directed to their games section. There you will see a good variety of games such as:

  • Blackjack.
  • Teen Patti casino games.
  • Live roulette.
  • Slot machines.
  • Scratch and win.

Besides, do a brief survey to find out if the providers of these games are relevant in the gambling world. Among them you have Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and others.

Methods of payment

We think it goes without saying at this point, but, if the platform you are on offers traditional payment methods such as:

  • Debit Card.
  • Credit cards.
  • Wire transfers
  • e-wallets such as Skrill.

 It means you’re in the right place, and if it’s an online casino Skrill withdrawal, deposits and offers Teen Patti games online, it’s the spot!

Top 3 casinos that accept Skrill where you can play online Teen Patti

Although these three aspects mentioned above are quite practical when it comes to identifying a Skrill deposit casino. We understand that you may want to skip this search process and just enjoy betting on Teen Patti online or another game and win real money.

That’s why we bring you here the list of the three best Skrill casinos in India and what aspects stand out about them.


A simple, intuitive betting platform that pays out when you win their top game categories or decide to give the fun a go in their free 3 Patti casinos section. JeetPlay specializes in online games aimed specifically at players in India. You'll find baccarat, live casino, roulette and blackjack. This is accompanied by bonuses so you can get the most out of every win.


Another suitable site if you want to have a huge repertoire of games at your disposal is Fun88. This online gambling site is famous for being present in different countries, including of course India. Here you can make casino deposits with Skrill quickly and easily. What are you waiting for? Come, play and win real money with Teen Patti casino games!


Don't be surprised by the roar of the lion, at LeoVegas you will find a gambling site that specializes in the best slot machines in the world. Yes, you read that right, they also have a live Blackjack section for card fanatics. And, if you like sports, live betting and live streaming from one of the best live casinos Skrill, then look no further. Log in, register your details and start playing today.

Skrill casino promotions that you definitely must get

If you thought that the only advantage you would get from using the web or Skrill casino mobile version would be its transaction efficiency, you are wrong!

Using this digital wallet at the best Skrill casinos in India will reward you. In what way? Through bonuses, rewards and offers to help you get the most out of every play you make. And that’s on your favourite games like Teen Patty, Slots, Blackjack and more.

Promotions you can claim when using Skrill in India

Keep in mind some of these bonuses vary according to the policies of the Skrill casino you are playing at.

Welcome bonuses

They are the perfect option that Teen Patti casinos that accept Skrill can offer. They will give you through your first deposit with such a payment wallet up to 100% of the amount for you to play with and earn money.

This bonus depending on the casino you are at may be selective. It can be used for slots, table games or live games.

Free Spins Bonuses

Some Skrill online casino slots reward you for using that payment platform. Therefore, they reward you with rounds of free spins and free of surcharges.

Affiliate Program

This can be referred to within the casino you participate in as the “VIP Program” or “Activity bonus”. By using Skrill to make your transactions on an ongoing basis within the casino, you will earn points that you can redeem for special prizes or free spins.

Considerations that you need to keep in mind when playing at Skrill casino sites

Only people of legal age can use this e-wallet, and of course, have access to Skrill online casinos. Also, the first time you associate Skrill with the casino for either deposits or withdrawals, it can take 24 hours or less before the transaction is completed. 

In case you are transferring from a Skrill account to another payment system this time may increase.

The good and the bad things about Skrill casino sites

Good stuff about using Skrill

  • You will be able to use rupees as your payment currency no matter which online casino you are in. This is because Skrill applies conversion if necessary.
  • Once you have associated this e-wallet, the times between transactions are reduced as they are frequent.
  • Verified Skrill accounts have higher limits on the amounts you can use.
  • You can use Skrill at the Teen Patti casinos of your choice.
  • Personal details are confidential and secure.

Bad things about using Skrill

  • The time to verify a transaction for the first time can be late.
  • You need to verify your account to be able to use all the features.
  • The amounts for reconversions and fees applied to transactions are somewhat high.

Alternatives to Skrill

There are many other platforms that offer similar services to MoneyBookers (Skrill). While there is no doubt that this one offers a full service and is suitable for Indian players, be sure to check out the following options.

  • PayTM casinos.
  • Neteller.
  • Paypal.
  • ecoPayz.


Are Skrill online casinos safe?

They are! In fact, Skrill is not a payment system known to lend itself to fraudulent sites.

Do I need to have a Skrill account or does the online casino account where I am generating one?

No. As a virtual wallet it only serves the different online casinos. That is, you will have to create an account on the official Skrill website.

Is Skrill account verification necessary?

Yes, it is! This first verification only verifies your personal details for withdrawals and/or payments.

If I am an Indian player, can I use Rupees as currency at Skrill casinos?

Yes! Skrill will allow you to make conversions if necessary.

Am I eligible for bonuses when using this e-wallet?

Yes, in fact, Skrill casinos prefer this payment method and reward its use.

How long will it take to make a Skrill casino deposit?

This depends, but first-time processing times range from less than 24 hours to three days.

Final tips

If you have opted for one of the best Skrill casinos in India that we have mentioned in this topic. You can rest assured that you will have fun playing your favourite Teen Patti games or other gambling games of your choice.

At the same time, you will have a robust and reliable e-wallet that will keep your money safe, whether you use rupees or another currency.

Plus, you can use the Skrill casino mobile to boost your betting using the Skrill app. Can you imagine? All at your fingertips, and then enjoy using your winnings in the hundreds of shops that officially use Skrill.