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Teen Patti Live! - Guide For Indian Gamblers

If this is your first time in a casino and you want to know all about Teen Patti Live, then you’ve come to the right blog! Our mission is to help you take your first steps in this game.

So, we have prepared this guide where we will show you how to play and win at the 3 Patti game. You will learn which are the most popular game providers. As well as the payment methods you can use in Rupees. And the different hands you can play with.

Finally, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions. And by the time you’re done reading, you’ll be an expert.

  • A Guide to Teen Patti Live Game
  • Find 3 Patti Hands and enhance your victory chances
  • Live Teen Patti is a right choice for most online gamblers
  • Grab Live teen patti rules HERE!

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What Is Live Teen Patti?

Let’s start with the basics. Teen Patti is a card game that has been popular in India for centuries. It was born as a simplified version of European poker using only three cards and evolved into what it is today in the British Raj period.

It uses a 52-card deck and rules based on those of traditional poker. 

Now, Teen Patti online is a live version of this game that you can play in online casinos. There is a live dealer who draws the cards. And you can interact with both, the dealer and the other players at the table as you play via chat. 

It is by far one of Teen Patti’s best gaming options as it offers an immersive experience by including a social factor to the game.

Real Money online Teen Patti

Terms Of Teen Patti Live You Should Know Before Playing

There are a few words you should know before you start playing the live Teen Patti games:

  • Pot: This is the money that the winner of the game gets. It increases each round and is usually placed in the centre of the table. It resembles a container where chips go.
  • Ante: This is the term for placing bets before each round and is the money that goes into the pot. The Ante can be the lowest amount or a higher amount to double the bet.
  • Chaal: When you look at your cards before placing a bet, then it is Chaal.   
  • Blind: If you choose not to see your cards before placing a bet, you are playing blind.
  • Sideshow: It’s a way to end the game earlier. This rule applies if all players have seen their cards. So, they decide to sideshow and the best hand wins the round and ends the game.
  • Fixed limit: This limit is set per table and defines the maximum bet per round before the game starts. In this way, costs are controlled. This limit is rarely used at high-level live tables because the higher the risk, the higher the investment.
  • Fold: If you have a bad hand and think you are not going to win, it is possible to fold from the game by throwing your cards away with this term.

Of course, there are other terms in the 3 Patti live game, but these are the main ones to start playing.

How To Play Live Teen Patti In Three Simple Steps?

Have you already discovered Spin Casino? If you haven’t yet, create your account right now so you can play Teen Patti live! We’ll explain how to play the different variants of 3 Patti below:

Step 1: Create your account or sign in

Go to the official website of the Teen Patti live casino that you have chosen. If you are new, locate and click the “Register” button. Enter your real personal details as they request. And then, complete the registration process by verifying your account. 

In case you are already registered, find and click on the “Login” button. Enter your username/email and password to login. 

Step 2: Select a table

To play Teen Patti live, go to the section where all the tables are located. Check which table is right for you and select it by clicking on it.

What should you check at each table? 

  • The betting limits.
  • The smallest Ante amounts.
  • The smallest number of players to start each round.

And the Live dealer Teen Patti is managing the table.

Step 3: Let’s play! It’s time to make decisions

When you select the table, players must enter their starting bankroll to begin the round. Once the funds are in, the cards are dealt. Depending on the type of Online 3 Patti you play, the cards will be blind or not. 

To explain how to make the decision, we will use the classic Teen Patti. In this case, you can see your three cards but none of the dealer’s cards. Remember that you are playing against the dealer, so the idea is to try to beat him without knowing his cards.

Now, is time to decide based on your hand. You can call or raise the ante, or you can fold if you think you’re going to lose.

When you decide, the Live dealer Teen Patti will reveal his cards. At that point, whoever has the best hand will win the game.

What Are The Hands That Play In Live Teen Patti ?

To learn how to win the 3 Patti game, you need to know the sequences in Teen Patti’s hands. Next, you’ll find them ordered from the top to the lowest hand:


Trial or set

Three of a kind is the best hand you can get to win in the Teen Patti live game. It's not the suit that matters, it's the value of the three of a kind you get. In case another player or the dealer also has a three of a kind, the hand is decided by the value of trio. In other words, whoever has the highest value set of cards wins the game. In this sense, As, Queen, Joker and King are the highest. While 2 is the lowest value for a three of a kind.

High Card​

Pure sequence

That's when you get a flush. Despite being the second highest value hand in 3 Patti's live game, it has a twist. The value of the straight influences the winning hand. The suit matters, but the value of the flush cards is most important to win. And that means that you have to get a flush with high value cards from the same suit to win. The highest straight you can get is A, K, Q. While the lowest is 2, 3, 4.


Sequence (Run)

It’s similar to the previous one, with one slight difference: the suits don’t matter. So, this is a plus considering is more probable to get a simple flush when you play.



This is an option to bet when you get low cards. The idea is to get a hand with all three cards of the same suit to win. The advantage is that all suits have equal value, so focus on getting them all of the same colour.



This is another hand with which you could win the 3 Patti live game. Even if you can't get the three-card sequence, you can try to get it with a pair. In this one, you must have two cards of the same value. Also, keep in mind that the value of the cards does make a difference. Aces are the highest combination, while two deuces are the lowest combination.

High Card​

High Card

The Indian Teen Patti rules allow you to win even if your cards are different. And that's where the high card comes in. If you have an ace, king or queen, you have a chance of winning.

Teen Patti Live Payment Methods With Rupees

Take a look at Casino, creating your account to join one of the best casinos in India. This one in particular, let you play the Teen Patti live game using Rupees. What methods can you use to make a deposit? Here are some of the most popular ones:  

  • Paytm: This is the best payment method to play 3 Patti online. You can make deposits and withdrawals easily, securely and quickly. Paytm is the most e-wallet used in India, so for sure you can use it with ease for your regular expenses and also for playing your favourite games in the casino. 
  • Google Pay: It is an intermediary between your bank and the online casino. It is one of the most popular, safest and fastest methods available. And the best thing is that you get the money in your account instantly. It’s not an online wallet but a mobile payment that makes it easy for you to make transactions.
  • IMPS/UPI: It is a banking solution that revolutionised the online casino market. It allows you to make deposits and withdrawals from your account to the casino and vice versa. And it ensures that the entire transaction is done in Rupees so you don’t incur in extra fees.

Popular Teen Patti Live Providers

Were you aware that there is more than one version of the Teen Patti live game? Well, they vary according to the software provider that develops them. There are currently several iGaming studios that offer Teen Patti live. Here are the two most popular ones:

3 Patti by Super Spade Games

3 Patti by Super Spade Games

This version, developed by a studio in Belarus, is also called 20/20 Teen Patti. It is notable for the fact that you play in streaming against the dealer. But it has two interesting advantages:

  • Wide limits on Ante.
  • Live statistics panel. It is very useful to know and modify your strategy as you play.

Live teen patti by ezugi

Live Teen Patti by Ezugi

Its studios are in Romania. It is the most popular provider. It is played only against the dealer. And the rules are the same as the traditional one: get the highest hand to win. The best thing is that it allows you to place side bets. Whether it's two sides, pairs, better and 3 +3 side bets. And this gives you more opportunities to create a winning game strategy.

Teen Patti Live by Betconstruct​

Teen Patti Live by Betconstruct

Betconstruct is a casino gaming software provider with more than 5 licenses under its belt. Their live casino section is one of the most robust, as it not only includes several Teen Patti tables, but also other games such as poker, roulette and blackjack. It allows chat with the players and the dealer. It features HD and full HD streaming, as well as multi-camera focus for a more immersive experience.

Live 3 Patti by Asia Gaming​

Live 3 Patti by Asia Gaming

This iGaming studio was founded in 2012 and features all the popular games from across Asia, including Teen Patti Live. They have a super wide catalogue of both online and live games. Their studios are located across Asia and each one is carefully set up to ensure that every player who enters the room has a rewarding experience.

Some Tips To Play Teen Patti's Live Games Online

You know the technical side of the game. Now we want to give you some tips to help you make the most of your experience:

  • Take advantage of the bonuses. Play consistently, complete special missions in the loyalty club or make your first deposit to win Teen Patti bonus. Why a bonus is important? Because it helps to improve your gaming strategy and multiply your winnings with less investment.
  • Try all versions of Teen Patti before deciding which online version you like the most. You’ll have a unique experience and find out which Teen Patti game is right for you.
  • Understand that there is no such thing as a 100% effective strategy. The game has a part of chance (or luck) and a part of probabilities. So, each player has a unique experience and it is only through trial and error that players know what works for them.


Can I play Teen Patti Live for free?

No. 3 Patti Live can only be played for real money. If you want to play Teen Patti for free, it can be at the non-live tables.

What are the best online Teen Patti sequences?

The highest hand is a trio. While the second highest hand is a pure sequence of A, K and Q cards.

Is it possible to play Teen Patti live in Hindi?

Yes! Many sites offer this game in Hindi since is known as Indian poker.

Can I play Teen Patti online legally in India?

It depends on where you live. In Delhi and Karnataka, it's not legal, while in Uttar Pradesh it is. In Maharashtra you can play it online as there are no laws against it.

Do I need to register at the casino to play Teen Patti for real money?

Yes, you do. When playing using real money, it’s necessary to get an account to register the personal balance. You must give your personal details as legal name and financial information.

What other names does Teen Patti go by?

Indian poker, 3 Patti, Teenpatthi, Flash and Flush.


Teen Patti Live is a game that is without a doubt one of the best options to have fun and play online. And now that you are aware of everything about it, all that remains is that you sign up, make your first deposit and start playing.

And this seems like a good time to remind you that our mission is informative. We take no responsibility for your actions or money invested. We are not associated with any casino. So, the information may vary slightly at the time of registration.