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Learn The Teen Patti Rules

3 Patti is a game that is causing a furore in India. It is an adaptation of poker played with three cards. And if you want to know more about the game, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will explain the Teen Patti rules.

In this article you’ll find the detailed rules of the game. As well as the Teen Patti sequences needed to win.

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Disclaimer: We aren’t responsible for your actions; this article is for information purposes only.

  • Learn the Teen Patti rules that will help you to understand the game in a better way.
  • Jump into This guide to know the rules of Teen Patti Game. 

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Rules of Teen Patti that you must know

This section will be divided into several parts. We will start with the betting process. And next, some variations of Teen Patti with their particular rules.

The game and the betting process

If you haven’t known the Teen Patti sequences, we have an article dedicated to it in our blog. The first we’ll explain is how the game works.

A dealer is assigned to each table at random. When the table has at least three players, the game begins. The dealer deals the cards in a clockwise direction. With the first hand dealt, the players have to decide.

Whether they see their cards or not. After making their decision, they must decide whether to bet, double down or hold.

Players who stay and bet, can continue to play blind, see their cards or fold at any time. There are a few things before the game ends and the winner is revealed that you must know.

If you are playing blind

  • You must bet the full amount of the stake, or double it. What is the value of the stake? At the start, the value is set by the table. But after the first round, the value is defined by the amount the player before you have bet.
  • You have the right to see the cards at any time. But when you do so, you must abide by the rules of a seeing player.

When does the game end?

Till any one of the following scenarios happens:

  • Until all players fold except one. In this case, the survivor takes all the money in the pot regardless of his/her hand.
  • Up until one of the players pays to reveal the cards of the players remaining at the table. In the event of a tie, the player who didn’t request the showside wins.

If you are playing seen the cards

  • You must bet the current amount or double it, if the player before you, also plays seeing his/her cards.
  • If the player before you, plays blind, you must bet double or quadruple the amount to continue.

Show rules

This rule allows you to ask other players to show their cards, but has some conditions:

  • The other players can refuse the request up to three times. 
  • You can only ask for a show when at least two players have folded from a full table. It can also be requested if only you and one other player are left at the table.
  • If you are playing blind, you can request a show from the other players in the current round. In the event that the other player is playing seeing their cards, you can request a show for half of the stake. But in case all players are playing blind, everyone has to pay for the show. 
  • When a show is called, the game is over as all cards are revealed and the player with the winning hand is chosen.

What is a sideshow and what are the rules for it?

A sideshow is a compromise that you make with the player who’ll bet after you to reveal your cards to each other. 

Say what? Yes, it’s a strategy to try to get the other player to fold, but there’s a catch. The player with the weakest hand must fold, so you should only use it if you have a strong hand.

The sideshow also has rules:

  • The player you request the sideshow from can refuse the request. After the rejection, the round continues as normal.
  • If your hand and the other player’s hand are the same, you are the one who must fold for making the request.
  • The sideshow can only be requested right after you have placed a bet that is double the wager.

What happens if you run out of money in the middle of the game?

Two things: either you continue to play using tricks or you fold. What are these tricks to keep playing? 

  • Bet more money at the table from your main account. When you enter the table, you do so with a fraction of the total balance of money in your account. So, you can make a request in the middle of the game to bring in more money.
  • Use side pots by calling an all-in. These are side pots in which only players who choose to put money in, can take part. It’s like a game within a game and allows you to have a sort of backup in case you run out of money.

Variations of Teen Patti and some extra rules you should know

You know the basics, but there are other rules that come into play depending on the variation of 3 Patti you play. Here are a few of them:
  • The tables may be limited to the number of rounds you can play blind. In some cases, it may be between 2 to 4.
  • When playing against the dealer only, the maximum number of turns you can play blind is 3.
As for variations of Teen Patti:


In this game you play with a deck of 20 cards that only includes A, K, Q and J. The idea is to have the best combination using only those cards.


In this version, the cards A, K, 4 and 7 function as jokers. Another detail is that it allows 2 to 10 players to participate at the table. The rest of the rules are same.

Best of Four Teen Patti

While the rules are the same as 3 Patti online, it has one notable difference: it is played with 4 cards per hand.


It is a crazy popular variant of 3 Patti. In this one, the idea is to get a perfect pair, as the third card in the hand acts as a joker. 

This game allows between two to ten players to join the table, while in traditional Teen Patti, only up to six players can join per table.

Live Teen Patti

When playing live, side bets can be placed. These can function as insurance in the event of a loss on the main bet, or as an extra win.  These types of side bets vary depending on the casino and the type of Teen Patti you are playing. But they are usually related to the type of hand the other players, including the dealer, will have.


A full hand is dealt to each player, and usually before (or after, but not both) betting, players can change hands by discarding unwanted cards and dealing new ones. Players may have to “buy in”/“buy out” the new cards by putting a pre-set amount into the pot for each new card.


There are three versions of this variation:

  • Low Wild: Each player’s lowest card (and all other cards of the same rank) are jokers only in that player’s hand. If the two lowest cards are a pair, that pair is considered to be two jokers.
  • High wild: Each player’s highest card (and all other cards of the same rank) are jokers in that player’s hand only.
  • Two lowers Wild: Each player is dealt four cards and the two lowest cards taken together form a virtual joker only in that player’s hand. If the two lowest cards are a pair, then that pair can be considered a single joker. In this version, if the two middle-ranked cards are a pair, the player has no jokers.: 


Is Teen Patti available in Hindi?

Yes, it’s! Being a game born in India, it is almost always available in Hindi.

Are rupees an accepted currency for playing 3 Patti online?

Yes, many Teen Patti casinos accept Indian rupees.

Is there a formula for always winning Teen Patti?

Sadly, no. Teen Patti is a game that requires a bit of strategy and a bit of luck to win. There is no formula or 100% sure-fire strategy.

Can I play Teen Patti for free?

Yes, there are many sites that offer the game in demo version so you can enjoy it without depositing money. Also, if you use the free bonuses that the casinos offer, you would technically be playing for free.

Can I play Teen Patti without knowing the rules?

Yes, although it won't be a fun game and you won't have much chance of winning.

Is 3 Patti online available at all casinos?

No. Despite that it is a poker variant, not all casinos offer it in their catalogue. Luckily, Fun88 is one of the casinos that do and you can play Teen Patti by simply visiting their site.


Teen Patti is a game deeply rooted in Indian culture. So, knowing the Teen Patti Rules will not only help you understand the game. But to feel more immersed in the Indian culture. 

This game, with rules like poker is definitely a great option for having fun or trying to win money.

If you liked this article, feel free to share it on your social networks. Finally, we would like to point out that we are not responsible for your any decisions. This is only an informative article to provide you with useful and accurate facts.