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The best Teen Patti sequence guide

To get the most outstanding rocket star in 3 Patti for real money, you must know each Teen Patti sequence by heart. That’s why we’ve created this guide. We’ll help you increase your skills in the game by teaching you the winning combinations. 

But that’s not all, we’ll explain the rules you need to know about the game. And finally, we’ll answer some FAQs.

And if you have not yet registered in any casino to test the knowledge you will get here. 


  • Learn the ranking of the cards in Online Teen Patti.
  • Find out the logic behind the different hands in real money Teen Patti Game.
  • Have a look at the 3 Patti sequence rules!

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What is a sequence in Teen Patti?

The first thing is to define what a sequence is. It is the combination of cards in your hand that will make you win or lose.

You must remember that in Teen Patti you play with three cards. And although 3 Patti is a game derived from poker, there are some different combinations. 

Another aspect to highlight is that in some versions of Teen Patti, you can change the cards initially received. This aims to try to get a winning hand.

Teen Patti Sequence

Teen Patti Sequences you should know

Now that you are familiar with what a sequence is, we’ll explain the different sequences that exist. To make it easier for you, we have put them in order. They are, from the lowest to the highest value.

High Card​

High Card or No pair

It is exactly what you think, nothing more than a high card. That's the very worst hand you can have as it's not even close to being a sequence. But it would still allow you to win. In this case, you must study your opponents to decide whether it is better to fold or continue the game. What is the value of the cards? From lowest to highest: the numbers, and then, Jokers, Queens, Kings and Aces. If the highest card you have in your hand is 10 and below, it is best to fold.


Colour or flush

From here, begins the real online Teen Patti sequences. A colour sequence consists of all three cards in your hand belonging to the same suit. But that's not all you have to consider in this type of sequence. The value of the cards matters. The higher the individual card values, the more chances you have of winning. Go to JeetPlay if you want to try your luck at getting a colour sequence


Pair, or Two of a kind, or double

Pairs in Teen Patti is when you have 2 cards of the same value in your hand. In this case, if you have two aces it is the best pair you can have to win. Whereas a pair of two is the worst and in this case, unless you have a high card, it is best to fold.


Sequence or straight

A simple sequence is a straight. What is a straight in Teen Patti? It consists in three consecutive cards. In this combination it isn't the suit of the cards that matters, but the value of the sequence as such. In this sense, the sequence 2-3-4 is the worst hand you could get. You must study your strategy to decide whether to fold or to continue. But, if you get the sequence A-2-3 or A-K-Q, you have a high chance of being able to win the game.

High Card​

Pure sequence or straight flush

Wait, wait! Isn't it the same as the previous one? No! In this sequence, the suit on the straight does matter. And even though neither suit is worth more than the other. A straight of the same suit is worth more than a straight of different suits. Here, you must apply the same rules as in the simple sequence to build the straight. Only considering that they must be of the same suit.


Trail, set or Three of a kind

This is by far the best combination you can get when playing Teen Patti. It is when you get three cards of the same value. What is the best set? A-A-A. And what's the worst set? 2-2-2. If you get a triple deuce, you should think about your strategy very well. Because even though your hand is high, if another player has a three of a kind, you will lose.

What happens if two players have the same 3 Patti sequence? Who wins?

To begin with, and as illogical as it may seem to you, the chances of this happening are slim to none. But, if it does happen, the value of the individual cards are the ones to be evaluated to decide. 

The aces are the highest value cards in Teen Patti, while the deuces are the lowest value cards.


What is the best 3 Patti sequence to win?

Without a doubt it is the trio of aces. Still, you must keep in mind that no card makes a bad sequence card. So, the best sequence is the one that makes you win.

Can I play Teen Patti using Indian rupees?

Of course, you can. The best Teen Patti casinos accept this currency. Discover Fun88 and bet today using rupees and enjoy the game!

What is the worst hand I can get in Teen Patti?

One that gives you no chance of winning. There are many combinations. But if you have a 2 among your cards, the chances of winning are low unless you make a sequence combination.

What is the highest sequence in Teen Patti?

It depends on the type of hand sequence:
The highest sequence in a trio is A-A-A-A.
The highest sequence in a straight is A-2-3, followed by A-K-Q. Although you must consider that a pure straight. That is, of the same suit, has more value than a single straight.
In the flush sequence, the highest combination is A-K-J.
In the sequence of pairs, the highest is A-A-K.

What is the highest card in Teen Patti?

The highest card in Teen Patti online is the Ace. It is followed by the King, the Queen, and the Joker.

Does the colour of the cards matter to win in Teen Patti?

In simple words, no. The color can help you to have a stronger sequence, but all the suits have the same value.


You already know the Teen Patti sequences you could win with. And in our blog, you can find the rules of the 3 Patti game and the different versions that exist. As well as an article dedicated to strategies for winning at Teen Patti. 

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