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Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti (3 Patti) is one of the most popular games in India, but did you know that there are many Teen Patti variations that you can enjoy online? Here we bring you more than 20 of them and explain how each one is different!

Plus, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about this online card game. 

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Muflis is maybe the best known, most popular and most played variation all over India. This game is like traditional Teen Patti but has a great twist: you win with the lowest value hand. 

It is normal to want to get the highest hand, but as the rules are changed, it challenges your ability to adapt. And while the desire to win is high, the important thing in this game is to have fun and learn to adapt regardless of the rule change.



In this variation of 3 Patti Online, the cards A, K, 4 and 7 become jokers. The rest of the rules of traditional Teen Patti remain the same. AK47 is named after the Russian combat weapon.


Auction, is a similar game 2 rounds of buying cards from each other. But it differs in one way. Each player receives 3 cards. And the dealer places 2 piles of 3 cards on the table. 

Each has one card face up and two face down. The players must decide whether to keep their hands, or to buy one of the two hands on the table. 

If they decide to buy it, they must bid to try to win the auction and get the hand they want.

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Also known as One-Eyed Jack. The fact is that the cards that are known as One-Eyed Jacks become Jokers. In other words, the Jacks of Spades and the Jacks of Hearts become Jokers. 

In contrast, Jacks of Diamonds and Jacks of Clubs are not jokers. Furthermore, in some cases, this game allows other cards to be added as jokers. For example, 369 combinations of spades and hearts.

How to play 369?

Some rules of the Teen Patti game are changed by imposing new jokers. But other than that, the gameplay and the type of bets are the same as in the traditional game.

Folding Joker

In this version of Teen Patti; 4 cards are dealt. 3 that each player can see and one, which is kept face down. When this card is turned over, all cards of the same value on the table become jokers.

The interesting thing about Folding Joker is that each player can proclaim a joker. So, it becomes a party of jokers that can play for or against you to try to win the game.


In Kiss-Miss-Bliss, each player gets 5 cards from the dealer! But, he/she must put two of these together to create a joker. The rule for creating a joker is:

  • Kiss. It is a pair of consecutive cards. 
  • Miss. It is a pair of cards with a missing number in the sequence. For example, 2, 4.
  • Bliss. A perfect pair of cards. Both numbers are the same. 
  • You can create a joker in each round. And in case you can’t create a joker, you must discard the remaining cards. And continue the game with three regular cards. 
  • Also, after forming the joker, you must discard the card you did not use. That is, you will have two regular cards and a pair forming a joker.

Kissing missing

In the kissing missing card game, the player receives 4 cards; two of which will become jokers. But there is a catch, this joker can be:

  • Kissing: That is when you need a pair to get the joker.
  • Missing: The joker is obtained by combining two alternate numbers. 

In case you don’t have the cards to form a joker, you must discard one and continue the game as normal. 

Kissing Missing is a good option to try something different.


The dealer deals 3 cards. Each player sees his cards and may decide to discard 1 and request a new card from the dealer. This card, you can decide whether to see it or not. After this, the game continues as normal. Draw is an ideal game to experiment with game strategies, as this initial discard can broaden your knowledge.


Faceoff is a game for few players. The A, K, Q and J cards of all suits are removed from the deck. This changes things a bit, because to start with, they only allow a greatest of 6 players per table. Besides, the value of the highest cards in play is 10.


3-2-1 divides the game into three rounds. At the start of the game, each player receives 6 cards. In the first round, the player picks three cards and plays Teen Patti as normal.

In the second round, the player uses two cards to try to win with the highest combination.

In the last round, whoever has the highest card on the table wins. And whoever has the most wins is the winner of the whole game.


If you have already played 3-2-1 and want to experience something different, try 3-2-1-1. This game is similar in that it is played in rounds. When you start, you receive 7 cards and the game is divided into 4 rounds:

In the first, you must combine three cards from your hand to win. In the second round, you must match two cards. In the third round, the highest card wins. And in the fourth and final round, the lowest card on the table wins.


This game is about matching the printed value of the card to get the number closest to 999. Whoever gets it, wins. 

Here the rules vary a bit. The cards from 1 to 9 represent their real value. But 10, J, Q, K and A are worth 0.

How to play 999?

To explain how the game works, we’ll give you an example. If you get the cards 9-8-A, the value of your hand will be 980. 

This is a single round game. You make the deposit, the dealer draws your cards, you create the combination, and you place a bet. When all players have placed their bets or folded, each player’s hand will be revealed. Whoever has the closest combination to 999 wins.



1-2-3 shopping

1-2-3 shopping is one of the most fun games if you want to break your streak of bad luck. At the beginning of the game, you get three cards that you can look at. And then, there will be three rounds of “shopping” the cards on the tablet in which you can discard a card and buy another card with a bet. This, in an attempt to try to get the best hand.

1942 Love Story

If you are a lover of classic games, 1942 Love Story might just be the one you’ve been looking for. It has two features that set it apart from the traditional one:

  • The cards on the table 1, 2, 4 and 9 are jokers. So, if you get one of these in your hand, you can turn it into the card you need to get the highest sequence and win the game.
  • You must speak Hindi! In case you try to speak in English or any other language you will be banned from the game!

1 to 10… Playing against dealer

1 to 10… Playing against dealer features a limit on the number of chips you can bet that your hand will win. The dealer decides, but the limits are between 1 to 10. 

How to play 1 to 10… Playing against the dealer?

Enter the table and decide how much you want to bet considering the dealer’s limit. Place your chips in the pot and wait for the cards to be dealt. Each player is dealt 3 open cards and each player compares their cards against the dealer. Depending on the level of difference in the sequence, the loser must pay the winner. For example, suppose you bet three chips. 

If you get a three of J, and the dealer has a trio of 7, the dealer must pay you 6 chips. Three for the bet and 3 from the win, because the level is 1.

But, if you have the hand 10, 9, 8 and the dealer has the same trio of 7’s, you must pay 9 extra chips to the house and you will have lost 12 chips. Because the straight is on the third level of the Teen Patti sequences and the three of a kind on the first level.

2 cards open

There is little variation in this game. Each player receives 2 face-up cards and one face-down card. The rest of the rules are the same as in traditional Teen Patti. You can decide whether to bet in each round without seeing your card or not. You can play the card blind up to 5 rounds.

The 2 cards open is a good option if you are trying to increase your experience level in the game. Because you only have one card face down, you can focus on improving your strategy by observing the other players.

2 rounds of Buying cards from each other

2 rounds of buying cards from each other is an extreme game full of excitement. Each player receives 2 cards. The third card is placed face up on the table. 

And this is when the thrill begins. The rest of the players can try to buy the card they want from the other players by making a bid. Each card is auctioned off and the highest bidder gets the card. It is worth noting here that you are not allowed to make a self-bid to keep your card. 

4x Boot

This game is recommended for more experienced Teen Patti’s players. Because in each round, the bet must be multiplied by 4 times. And that’s without leaving aside the traditional Teen Patti rules. Hence the name, 4x Boot multiplies the value of the pot by four.

10x Boot

If 4x Boot is recommended for experienced players, 10x Boot is recommended for high rollers who wish to place high stakes bets. Here, the value of the pot increases tenfold in each round.

All open… Seeing each other’s game

This is a game for experts in deciphering the body language of others. Each player receives their three cards face down. When playing online, these are revealed to the other players. And that’s where facial expression, body language and your decoding skills come into play. Depending on the expression of the others, you have to make a decision whether to bet or fold.

All open… Seeing each other’s game is a nice version to play with friends and family. It’ll give you a lot of fun and laughs! 


Banko is a game of intelligence and knowing the odds. This is a 1 to 1 game (between the dealer and the player) even if there are other players at the table. The dealer deals two cards face up and one face down to the player. The player, must place a bet considering how likely it is that the third card is sequentially between the two open cards. 

If the player wins, the stake goes into a pot and remains in the game until the next round. If you lose, you are out of the game. Play continues until there is only one player left at the table. If you get that last round right, you win the game and take all the money in the pot.

Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen

This game starts a little differently. Buying jokers seen and unsee starts when the 3 cards are dealt to each player. In the first round, each player is given the opportunity to buy a joker that they can see. 

In the second round, several jokers are placed face down and each player can decide whether to bid to buy them or not. 

Both jokers are kept, and play continues as normal with the traditional rules.

Build up your game

This variation is one of the most different of all. Build up your game starts by dealing 7 cards face down to each player. 

The first player puts a chip in the pot and uncovers a card. The next player puts a chip in the pot, and draws a card. If the card is higher than the previous player’s card, it is the next player’s turn. But if the card is lower, he puts another chip in the pot and picks up the next card.

 If the combination is higher than the previous card, it is the next player’s turn, otherwise he must pick up another card and place another chip. This process continues until the combination exceeds that of the previous player. 

For each card that is picked up, a chip must be placed in the pot. 

When all players have revealed their cards, it is seen who has the best hand and the winner is declared.

Closest to 555

Closest to 555 is a version very like 999. The idea, then, is to get a hand of 3 cards that combined are closest to 555. But it has two slight variations:

  • In the first two rounds, each player can change one of his cards. 
  • Cards 10, J, Q, K and A are equal 0. While the rest of the cards keep their printed value.


This variant of Teen Patti is a single round. At the start, all players place a bet that goes into the pot. The cards are then dealt face down and all cards are revealed when the players have their cards. Whoever has the highest hand wins the game. A curiosity of Cobra is that it does not allow players to fold once they are in the game.


If you want to play something more like traditional poker, this might be the version for you. It is inspired by Texas Hold’em. Each player receives one card face up and two cards face down. The face-up card is known as the community

Each player then sees their hand and decides whether they want to keep their community card, or trade it for another player’s card by making a bid. 

After this, there is another round with 3 community cards which the dealer places on the table and players can bid for them to get them. From the third round onwards, the game is played in the classic way.

Discard one

In this variation, the dealer deals 4 cards to each player. Each player must see the cards and discard one. Then, for the next round, everyone plays as seen players and the game continues as normal.

High-Low Split

High-Low Split is a game that tries to be fair with everything. The pot is split between two. Half goes to the higher hand. The other half goes to the lowest hand in the game. But there is a catch. Before you start the game, you must decide whether you will be competing for the highest hand or the lowest hand. 

This way you can focus your game strategy on getting the cards to win and not leave it all to chance. Also, keep in mind that you can only fold in the first 3 rounds. From the fourth round onwards, you are obliged to continue playing until the end.

High wild

High Wild allows you to make a high hand. How? The lowest value card in your hand will become a joker. You can then try to form a sequence that will be useful to you in trying to win. For example, if you have a 2,5,6; the 2 becomes a joker. And this card, you can turn it into a 4, to get a straight 4, 5, 6.


This version allows each player to stay or leave before each round. The game starts when everyone enters the pot with the same amount of money. Each player is then dealt 3 cards and decides whether to play by looking at the cards or not. 

If he/she decides to play blind, he/she must bet 1-2x the Ante bet. But if he/she decides to see the cards, the bet is 2-4x the Ante bet. 

Another interesting aspect of In-out is that there are face-up jokers on the table. And when a player decides to go out, his/her cards become the new jokers.


The Joker is perhaps one of the most sought-after versions of Teen Patti by connoisseurs of the game. In this variation, the dealer draws a card from the deck that becomes the joker. Also, he can decide whether cards of the same rank, suit or even colour become extra jokers.

Joker Hunt

As the name suggests, Joker Hunt is a game in which you hunt for the card that suits you best. 

The player receives 3 cards. The dealer places twice as many cards as there are players at the table, plus 3 extra cards, and turns over all the cards. Now, in order, each player can decide whether to exchange one of his cards for the exposed jokers.

This is done for two consecutive rounds and then the cards are collected and only 3 cards are left as jokers. After this, the game continues as a traditional Teen Patti.

Jokers in the middle

In this version of the game, each player receives 3 cards. In the first round, you will be able to see two, and these will represent the limits. Whatever is in the sequence between these two cards turns into a joker instead.

To better explain Jokers in the middle we will do with an example. Imagine that in your hand of cards there are a 2 and a 5. The 3 and the 4 become jokers no matter what suit they are in.

Jokers open at 10, 20 30

Jokers open at 10, 20, 30 is a game that requires investment. It starts as a traditional game, but the 3 jokers are face down. They are placed face up as the pot reaches 10, 20 and 30 chips.

That is, when it reaches 10 chips, the first joker is revealed. When it reaches 20 chips, the second joker is turned over. And when it reaches 30 chips, the third and final joker is revealed.

King Little

In this version of Teen Patti, the king and the lowest card in your hand are considered jokers. The other rules of the traditional 3 Patti are kept in King little

This game is excellent for all types of players as getting a king and a low card to it is very probable. And this is almost a victory.


LallanKallan turns one of your odd-coloured cards into a joker. For example, if you have two red cards and one black card, this black card will be your joker no matter what suit or value it is. But there is a catch: if your three cards are of the same colour, you lose the game by default.

Low wild

In this variation of 3 Patti online, all low cards become jokers. So, in Low Wild, the ideal is to get 1 low value card to have the joker in your hand. Also, if you have a pair of low cards, they both become jokers. This variation is also known as lowest joker. 

Odd sequence

Odd sequence is a game designed for those players who find it difficult to build a ladder. For in this sequence, the sequence has to have a card in between. For example, a sequence that has a chance of winning is 10-Q-A. The other rules, as well as the value of the cards, remain the same. This game is also known as Skip sequence.

One joker, one bust… Pay to see

This game begins when all players deposit their initial value into the pot and receive their three cards. 

At this point, two cards are placed face down on the table. One of these cards is a joker. The other card is a bust card; whoever has that card loses the game. 

Each player can decide whether or not to see one or both of these cards. But to do so, he must pay. It takes 10 tokens to see only the joker. And 5 tokens are required to see both cards but without knowing which is the joker and which is the bust. 

After each player has decided, normal play begins. One joker, one bust… Pay to see is a game where the lucky factor is more present if the player decides not to see both cards. Or see both without knowing which one is the bust.

Pack Jack

This game is like In-Out in that when a player folds, their cards become the new jokers on the table. The rest of the rules, as well as the 3 cards each player receives, remain the same as the classic 3 Patti. 

You can say Pack Jack is an interesting variation. Knowing the cards of the players who fold allows you to get an idea of the possible hands that the remaining players have.

Pairs are Jokers

This game is played with 7 cards per hand. But every pair of cards of the same value that you can form into a pair becomes a joker. And in each hand, you must be able to make at least one pair; otherwise, you lose the game. 

In case you only make one pair, you must keep that pair together with two more cards and discard the rest. The idea is that there are 3 cards left in your hand. In this case, two are jokers and the other two are regular cards. Pairs are jokers is a good game if you want to try something new.

Plus Sign

This is one of the most entertaining and varied versions of 3 Patti online. 

  • The player receives 3.
  • 10 jokers are placed on the table. They are arranged in the form of a plus sign, 5 vertical and 5 horizontal cards.
  • Before the game begins, each player must decide whether to take the jokers from the horizontal or vertical line.
  • Additionally, pairs of the same number become another joker.

Red and black

Red and black is a version that promises a lot of fun, as the initial game type is defined by the joker. This is varied in each round, and:

  • If it is red, it is played as normal, declaring the value of the card as the joker for the round.
  • If it is black, the round is gone as Muflis!

Revolving Joker

Revolving Joker is set to turn the world of gamblers upside down! This variation has the feature that when a player folds, the jokers on the table change. The rest of the Teen Patti rules apply to this variation.


This game differs from traditional Teen Patti in that when the cards are dealt, two are face down and one is face up. The ones that are face down are called full cards. The face up card is called a street. This is the only difference in Stud, as the rest of the rules remain the same.


Sudden Death

Each player receives a certain number of matching cards. Then, everyone starts to throw their cards one by one, until someone shouts for them to stop. At that point, the highest card is searched among the remaining cards. Whoever has it won the game. Sudden death is perfect for playing at the end of many sessions.


Temperature, it’s not just a variation of Teen Patti, it’s another variation of In-Out. It is played in the same way as In-Out but has two different features:

  • To tell if a player is in, they must raise their thumb. If he is going to fold, he must state with his thumb down.
  • After all players have decided whether to stay or not. The dealer draws a temperature card. If it is between A and 6, the lowest hand wins. But if it is a 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q or K, the higher hand wins.

Wild Draw

In this variation of 3 Patti each player receives 3 cards. After that, the dealer draws another card from the deck and places it faces up on the table. This card, and all cards of the same rank, become jokers for the players in the game. 

Wild draw is one of the options our experts recommend if you are just starting out with Teen Patti variations, as the only rule change is simple to learn.


Are the Teen Patti sequences the same for all games?

No. In some games they change depending on the rules and objectives of the Teen Patti variation.

How can I always win the game?

There is no magic formula or trick that allows you to always win the game. All Teen Patti variations are a mixture of chance and probability. And the chance part is what prevents you from creating a strategy that will always win.

Can I play Teen Patti variations on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can.

Is the Muflis in 3 Patti an easy game to learn?

Yes! In fact, if you already know how to play Teen Patti, it will be easy to learn this variation. It is played with the same rules and the only thing that changes are the sequence of hands.

Do the Teen Patti betting rules change from one variation to another?


Where can I find a Live Teen Patti guide?

Right here! We have everything you need to play Teen Patti on our blog.

What are the best 3 Patti tricks for a newbie?

We have three tips:
Know all the rules of traditional Teen Patti.
Learn the sequences.
Start playing for free or low stakes.


There are other Teen Patti variations. But here we have tried to explain the most popular ones in Indian casinos. Now it’s up to you to choose which ones you want to know and start playing. 

Remember that what you decide to do is your responsibility. Our mission is to introduce you to everything you need to make your first steps in a casino a successful one. 

Finally, we would like to ask you, if you found our article interesting or useful, to share it on your social networks. This way we will be able to reach more people, and this will allow us to continue our work of educating informed players in online gambling.