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Guide to Ultimate Teen Patti

Do you want to play Ultimate 3 Patti online but don’t know where to start? The guide we have prepared for you will solve any and all of your doubts!

This is the best Teen Patti game you’ll find. It’s designed to give you hours and hours of fun. And if you follow the strategies we’ll show you, you’ll also have great chances of winning real money. 

Before you start, it’s important that you create your account at a trusted casino. If you don’t know which one to choose, run to Fun88, sign up and claim the amazing welcome bonus they offer. It is the best Teen Patti casino in India, and the best part is that they accept Paytm as a payment method.

  • Play Ultimate Teen Patti for free on your Android and iOS devices.
  • Step by step gameplay Ultimate Teen Patti guide.
  • Try fun UTP variations such as, Muflis, Lowest joker, Highest joker etc.

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What is Ultimate Teen Patti?

Before we begin, do you know what Ultimate 3 Patti is? It is a game known as Indian Poker, or three card poker. It is a variation of poker that uses similar rules and is played with a three-card hand. 

The game became popular in India several hundred years ago. Nowadays it is one of the most popular games because of its cultural background and the ease with which you can learn to play it.

Ultimate Teen Patti

Terms that you must know in Teen Patti

Before we tell you how to Play Teen Patti For Real Cash, you should know the words that are used in the game:

  • Fold: This is when you decide to leave the table. It is usually when you feel you have a bad hand and you are still going to lose.
  • Ante: This is the initial bet amount that all players must deposit into the pot to start the game. To pay the Ante, you must have used the payment gateways to make the deposit and have a balance in your casino account.
  • Pot: This is the place where the betting money for each round goes. In physical Teen Patti, this pot is often in the centre of the table. 
  • Call or Chaal: This is the action of betting on your cards. Chaal, meaning to move, right when you bet, you move the table and give your turn to the next player.
  • Blind player: This is a player who bets each round without seeing his/her cards. In many casinos, they only allow a player to play blinds for up to four rounds. After that, he/she must see the cards to continue the game.
  • Seen Player: As you can imagine, this is the player who bets knowing the value of the cards in his/her hand.

Ultimate Teen Patti Rules

For you to play the game well, you need to know some of the rules of 3 Patti game, and next we’ll explain them to you:

  • Between 2 and 10 players must participate in the game.
  • The game uses a deck of 52 cards.
  • Each player must contribute a starting stake to the pot. 
  • At the start, each player receives three cards face down. Each player can decide whether to bet blind, or look at their cards to bet.
  • Blind players can only bet in this mode for a total of up to four consecutive rounds. After that, they are obliged to see their cards and continue the game as a seen player.

Ultimate teen Patti - hand sequence you must know

Ultimate 3 Patti play online is a version of the classic 3 Patti. So, they use the same hands to play. These are:

  • Three of a kind
  • Pure Sequence
  • Sequence
  • Flush
  • Pair
  • High Card

In case you want to delve deeper into the Teen Patti sequences, we invite you to browse our blog as we have an article about it.

Ultimate teen Patti Hand Sequence

What are the requirements of playing Ultimate Teen Patti?

Want to play Ultimate 3 Patti at home with your friends and family? Then you need the following:

  • A table to play on, place the cards and the pot. This should be big enough to fit at least 2 players with comfort.
  • A 52-card deck without the jokers.
  • Casino chips or cash to bet with.

In case you want to play Ultima 3 Patti online, you just need to:

  • Stable internet connection.
  • A device connected to the Internet.

How to Play Ultimate Teen Patti?

Now that you know the theoretical part of the game, here is the step-by-step guide to play this amazing game:

  1. Log in to the site of your choice.
  2. Verify that you have a balance in your account to start playing Ultimate Teen Patti online. If not, make a deposit to purchase chips.
  3. Go to the Teen Patti section. Choose Ultimate 3 Patti and select a table. 
  4. You will see an avatar of you, is sitting at the table and you will ask to make the first deposit into the pot. 
  5. When all players at the table make a deposit into the pot, each player will get three cards drawn.
  6. You must choose whether to see the cards at that time or play blind. If you choose to play blind, you must bet double what the previous player bet. If you decide to be a seen player, you can either bet or fold. 

Play continues until there are two players left at the table, or until a showdown is called and everyone agrees. 

In each round, bets are placed, and these are added to the pot to be taken by the winner of the game.

Ultimate 3 Patti all versions

Ultimate 3 Patti play online has several versions to make the game even more fun. Some of these are:



This is a version that you will love as it can claim that the goal is the opposite of Teen Patti. In this game, the worst hand wins and takes the pot.

Highest Joker

Highest Joker

In Teen Patti, the jokers are removed from the deck. But that doesn't mean you can't have jokers in your hand. And this version proves it. The highest value card in your hand turns out to be a joker that you can convert to any value you want to create a possible winning hand.

Lowest Joker

Lowest Joker

It is a variation of the higher joker. But in this one, instead of the highest value card becoming a joker, the lowest value card becomes a joker.

10x Boot

10x Boot

As such, this is not a variation of Teen Patti, as neither the cards nor the sequences are modified. But it does have an interesting and special feature for adrenaline players. In each round, the minimal value of the pot is multiplied by 10. In this sense, the value of the pot increases exponentially, allowing experienced players to walk away with an extremely juicy prize.

4x Boot

4x Boot

This is a less extreme version of 10x Boot, as the pot is multiplied by 4 instead of 10.

Updated versions in Teen Patti

In the latest Ultimate 3 Patti updates, you can find the following features:

  • More and more tables: Ultimate Teen Patti is a massive game that has captured the attention of players around the world. So, every day there are more tables and more versions of the game available to enjoy.
  • Elimination of the language barrier: Whether it is in English or Hindi, more games are added to offer their platform in multi-language versions to make it convenient for you to play.
  • Improved connectivity: Earlier, games only worked well if you had Wi-Fi or fast and stable internet connection. But that is now a thing of the past. Nowadays even with 2G you can enjoy the game without any problem.

Where and how do I download Ultimate Teen Patti?

Are you looking for where to do the Ultimate Teen Patti game download? There are many online casinos that offer this game in their app, but there are also dedicated apps. So here is our top three for downloading Ultimate 3 Patti:

  1. Fun88: Their mobile casino app features this game. And the best thing is, you can claim their welcome bonus when you sign up and make a deposit. 
  2. On the Play Store: If you have Android, this is the second-best option for you. Open the shop, type in “Ultimate Teen Patti” and choose the game that suits your preferences.
  3. On the App Store: In case you have an iOS device, you can search the official app shop for the game. 

Of course, you can also play Ultimate Teen Patti on the computer. But keep in mind, that even though the desktop apps are good, it is best to play it in the browser because of the fast-loading time between rounds.

Ultimate Teen Patti Strategies and tips

Do you want to be the best in this Indian Casino Game? Then follow the tips that our experts have compiled especially for you:

  • Start small: When you are a newbie, this is a way to mitigate losses and reduce risks. 
  • Play the free versions: This way you get familiar with the game without risking your money.
  • Don’t play with a hot head: This means don’t get carried away by emotions. If you are too happy, frustrated or angry, emotions can blind you from making good decisions. 
  • Register only at safe casinos: One of the ones we recommend is JeetPlay, as it allows you to gamble with Indian rupees and is legal.

If you want to know more tips, we suggest you check our website. We have prepared a guide with the best strategies and tips to win at Teen Patti.


Can I play Ultimate Teen Patti on my mobile phone?

Indeed, you can! Ultimate Teen Patti is an application for mobile devices. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Is Ultimate Teen Patti available in Hindi?

Yes! In fact, it is the number one app in India in cards games.

Can I play Ultimate Teen Patti for free?

Sure, you can.

Which is the best casino to play Ultimate 3 Patti online?

There are many online casinos, and each player defines the best casino according to their goals and preferences. But we recommend you to visit Fun88. It has amazing bonuses and the graphics of this game are spectacular.

Can I win money by playing Ultimate Teen Patti if I play for free?

Yes. This game rewards its most active players with free chips. And any winnings you get from using the chips are real money that you can withdraw.

Do I need an Internet connection to play Ultimate 3 Patti online?

Yes. You don't need a fast connection, even with 2G you can enjoy the game without any problems. You just need it to be stable.


Now you know everything you need to play Ultimate 3 Patti online. All that remains is for you to process the information and work up the courage to start playing, having fun and winning money. 

Remember that we are here for you. In our blog you will find information relevant to casino games, sports betting and of course, safe casinos, such as JackpotCity, where you can register by clicking here.

Finally, we want to make it clear that all your actions are your responsibility. This blog is informative, but in no way are we responsible for what you do with the information.